Is that expensive as to Raja Ampat?

How much budget do you know to go to Raja Ampat? USD 20 million or USD 30 million? You is not wrong. With the budget, you can enjoy a wide range of maximum facilities in Raja Ampat, West Papua.But for those who have a budget of less than US $ 20 million, does not mean you can not travel to Raja Ampat."We want to show to people that to Raja Ampat is not expensive. Many people said that better abroad than to Raja Ampat expensive. Yet this is our own country, prior to other people's houses, recognize own house first," said Erland Pragolo of HamuEco Dive Resort, which met at Compass Travel Fair, Saturday (03/09/2016).In Compass Travel Fair, HamuEco give promos stay 4 days 3 nights for Rp 3,990,000.Promo was a remarkable success, during KompasTravel sit down and talk together grants, there are many visitors KTF present and asked, "Is that true to Raja Ampat four million?" said one visitor."Not on air tickets yet?" said other visitors.