7 Travel "Anti-Mainstream" in London

When thinking first about London, what to think? Is the British empire is so phenomenal, or Sherlock Holmes tale of intrigue that twist our minds?

More than that, in fact London has more things to explore, in which we can gain so much experience. Here are seven of unusual tourist activity London has to offer for travelers.

The murder mystery.

Jack the Ripper stir in Britain when the murder of five women prostitutes in East London in 1888. A tour in London providing experience trail events.

Participants are invited to visit the tour eg Ten Bells Pub in a commercial street Whitecapel, because the two victims of Jack the Ripper's often drink bar. Then visit the City of London Cemetery, the cemetery where two of the victims are buried.

Searching for treasure River Thames.

Anti-mainstream tourist activities offered next London is looking for treasure in the River Thames. When the tide in the river, treasure hunters searched along the River Thames to find pieces of pottery, buttons, or artifacts from the past.

To try it, visit the north bank of the river near St. Paul or around South Wark and Blackfriars bridges, although anywhere have access to find something. Carefully slippery stone steps and fast-moving tide.


Everyone knows how special the food stalls at Borough Market in Southwark crowded. But if you include travelers seeking local aura, try walking down the street Bermondsey's Maltby. Some of the original seller of the famous market moved here to get back local flavor. Borough Market is not as large, but we can try Scotch eggs and traditional honey drink away from other travelers.

Cheers in bar Italy

Opened in 1949, Bar Italia in Soho's Frith Street is famous for its hospitality, high quality coffee, and celebrity customers (call it David Bowie and Francis Ford Coppola). What is not commonly known is upstairs in this place is where the invention of television, when shown the first time in 1926 by John Logie Baird.

Beds for fans of The Beatles

Beginning in 1962, when they first moved to the capital of England, The Beatles stayed and settled more than a year at the President Hotel in Bloomsbury's Russell Square. The hotel is now there, so die-hard fans can sleep in the same place when the Beatles once slept here.

Cruise ship to the zoo

London Zoo receives over 1.3 million visitors in a year, but few people know how they can pass the rule and enter via the back door.

London Waterbus is one of several companies that provide cruises. These cruise ships have passed along the Regent's Canal, Little Venice connecting with bustling Camden Town, and could drop us next to animals (such as monkeys and lemurs), in a private zoo on the canal side.

Sotheby's auction

Socialize with the elite of London in one of the public sale of Sotheby's in Mayfair. We can register online or also present in the auction. If we buy an item, think about how to bring home. Because over the front door there is a statue Sotheby Egypt from 1320 BC were sold in the 1800s, but was never taken up by the purchaser. (Intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com)

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