9 Vila Hollywood Celebrity Owned Leased for Tourists

Several Hollywood celebrities have private villas that can be rented travelers. Citing CN Traveler, the following 9 of them.1. Necker Island (Richard Branson)This villa is located in the British Virgin Island. Directly in front of the villa, lies a very blue waters. Vila is shaped resort which can accommodate a maximum of 28 guests. No personal staff, several pools, two private beaches, tennis courts and of course a personal chef.There are 10 bedrooms located right on the waterfront. Interestingly, all the bedrooms concept of Bali. Each room is not equipped with a partition, so you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the bed.This villa dibaderol with the rental price of 60,000 US dollars (USD 780 million) per night. Prices were fantastic is not it?

2. Mandalay (David Bowie)
 Maybe we can not meet directly with David Bowie, famous British musicians. But at least, you could rent a villa located in Mustique, Islands St Vincent and the Grenadines. The villa was named "Mandalay".This villa rental is priced at 40,000-70,000 US dollars (USD 500-900 million) per night. This villa features a koi pond, a swimming pool, a private chef and 10 staff ready to serve you.

3. Spanish Villa (Prince)You love the home-style palace, perhaps the villa owned by legendary musician Prince is the right location. Located not far from Marbella, Spain, this villa has an architecture like a palace with a predominance of beige. Complete with colonial-style staircase, marble floors and chandeliers.To enjoy the villa area of ​​1.45 hectares, you have to pay 5.58 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp 72 billion! Although the price is fantastic, you'll get to experience staying with amenities like a prince six bedrooms and bathrooms, a tennis court, swimming pool and more.

4. Villa in Figline Valdarno (Sting and Trudie Styler)Not just one, the villa owned by Sting and Trudie Styler consists of six houses at a time. The villa is situated 45 minutes from Florence, Italy.You can enjoy a range of facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, lake also super luxury villa is also equipped with WiFi, concierge services, and others.

5. Stargrove (Mick Jagger)On the island once belonged to Mick Jagger's home, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean from the villa. Being in Japan, this villa comprises of six bedrooms have direct access to a private beach.In this villa, you facilitated the maids, two gardeners and a chef. There are also tennis courts, a large swimming pool, hot tub and game pavilions. For a one week stay at the villa you must mengocek pockets of 16,500 US dollars, or approximately USD 214 million.

6. Standfast Point (Eric Clapton)Standfast Point is one of the real estate which is in a large tropical island of Antigua with approximately 4,200 square meters. Here you will be presented views of the nearby islands such as Montserrat and Guadeloupe.You can enjoy a meal in the morning, afternoon or evening in the outdoor dining concept. In addition, this villa is equipped with two swimming pools and a staff ready to meet your needs.
7. The Sanctuary (Donna Karan)The house is designed with the concept of Afro-Bali with an area of ​​10 hectares and is located on the waterfront area of ​​Turks and Caicos Islands. Not only the pool, this villa also features a spa and yoga pavilion.

8. Musha Cay (David Copperfield)A private island in the Bahamas really had a stunning building. Not because the owner is a celebrity, but the unique design of the house. Musha Cay is a tropical-style villas located on land expanse.This villa features a private speedboat, bicycles, a gym, an outdoor theater called "Dave's Drive-In" and many more. The price offered for a night so fantastic that 57,000 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 740 million.

9. Palm Springs Hideaway (Leonardo DiCaprio)
 Who does not know Leornado DiCaprio? The Hollywood actor has villas that can be rented travelers. One of the houses in Palm Springs Hideaway, Califonia, USA priced at 25,000 US dollars (USD 325 million) per night, or approximately USD 325 million. There is also a house with a modern medieval style which cost 4,500 dollars (about USD 60 million) per night.With these prices you will get superior amenities such as six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. In addition, the house the work of architect Donald Wexler also has a swimming pool and personal staff.

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